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About Onalaska Church of Christ

It's a pleasure to introduce you to Onalaska Church of Christ, a non-denominational Church that exists to bring people to Christ and obedience to His Word. Our desire is to help people develop their lives from start to finish on a foundation that matters and understand how Jesus helps us with the day-to-day struggles of life.

Out of a dream to reach people of the Coulee Region who had no church home, Onalaska Church of Christ began in 1973. From the beginning the desire of our church family has been to connect the unconnected with Christ and grow together with Him.

While you will notice that we are contemporary in our methods of worship, our message dates back to the days when Jesus walked on the earth. We hope that you will discover as we have that the words of Jesus are still as relevant today as the day he spoke them. His truths are life changing!

When you are ready to move forward in your spiritual journey, we hope you will let Jesus meet your needs through his family at Onalaska Church of Christ. Come and meet people whose lives have been touched by Christ and forever changed!

Onalaska Church of Christ Contact Information

1415 Well Street
Onalaska, WI 54650

Telephone: (608) 783-4794
Facsimile: (608) 783-6083

Please feel free to contact us by email.

Senior Minister: Pastor Gordon Clary
Youth Activities Coordinator: Shannon Deters
Secretary / Treasurer: Rose Bucheger